Our Research team's in-depth analysis, forecasts and market-leading commentary feed into our investment decisions at an asset, portfolio and company-wide level.

Publicly available research

Our in-depth, top-down research, including leading indicators, forecasting, thought leadership and client presentations, anticipates trends affecting our business and clients. Located across Europe and in Asia, our Research team works alongside the portfolio, investment, asset management and business development teams covering all markets where Savills IM invests.


Outlook 2020: Identifying opportunities in a late cycle

The Savills IM Outlook 2020 report features our views on the European and Asian commercial real estate markests, serving to help investors identify opportunities in a late-cycle environment.


Dynamic Cities - 2019

The Savills Investment Management (Savills IM) Dynamic Cities index assesses cities' longer-term upwards growth potential through statistical analysis using 60 indicators across six categories. This year's study identifies London, Paris, Cambridge, Berlin and Amsterdam as the top five European cities for long-term real estate investment.


Asia-Pacific property market overview Q2 2019

Our Asia-Pacific property market overview provides the latest regional updates regarding the economy, politics, commercial real estate sectors as well as weight of money and yields.


Positioning for income and growth in Asia-Pacific

A slowing global economy and a prolonged period of low interest rates is on the horizon, which poses a challenge to long-term investment. How should investors invest in a low interest rate, low growth environment at a time of heightened risks and global uncertainties?


Outlook 2019

Reliable indicators continue to signal that developed economies have the stamina to keep growing through 2019. The Savills IM Outlook 2019 report features a collection of commentary from internal fund managers and research analysts, highlighting how to navigate the investment market.


Dynamic Cities 2018

Using 60 indicators across 6 subcategories, Savills IM identifies London, Cambridge, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin as the top five European cities for real estate investment in 2018.


Investing for the next stage of Europe's property cycle - is it time to take risk?

Property cycles are inescapable. Closely linked to the economy, real estate markets will inevitably rise and fall. The key to investing in them is to identify where we are in the cycle and to position portfolios accordingly.


Contrarian view provides for investment opportunities in physical retail

A common view is that physical retail is being superseded by online retail, but we believe that stories about the death of the European high street and retail outlets are exaggerated and influenced by the very different situation in the United States.


Outlook 2018

It is increasingly important to work with a real estate investment manager with the local knowledge and expertise to help investors navigate current uncertain times. The Savills IM Outlook 2018 report highlights the strategies we employ to capitalise on current investment opportunities.


London tops new index ranking Europe's most dynamic cities

Savills IM’s Dynamic Cities index comprehensively measures European cities’ future-proofing qualities across six categories. In 2017, Paris, Cambridge, Amsterdam and Berlin complete the top five.


SIM European Logistics warehousing the future

The logistics business sector is one of the biggest industries in Europe. This Savills IM report explores various structural shifts from which the logistics sector is benefitting, featuring interviews with experts and highlighting key insights into their respective markets.


Dynamic Cities 2017


Savills IM issues 'buy' rating on UK Supermarket property segment

In its latest Research & Strategy flash note, Savills IM highlights how after a period of falling profits, weak balance sheets and operational restructuring, UK supermarkets are turning a corner. 


Research and Strategy Flash Note: UK Supermarkets

Three of the so-called Big-4 UK supermarket operators are reporting improving retail sales, leaner balance sheets and leaner supply chains. Although more needs to be done, these operators’ credit risk has declined enough to justify lower yields.


Savills IM sees attractive yields in Brussels Central Business District

The Brussels office market is one of Savills IM's top European investment picks.


Long term trends support alternative sectors in Europe

Long-term trends in urbanisation and demographics will boost alternative property market sectors, including the private rented sector, student accommodation, care homes and hospitality, according to Savills IM.


European Outlook 2017

In 2017, European real estate markets on average have sufficient momentum to continue to perform well. Our Outlook 2017 paper underlines key themes that will affect European investment markets this year.