Dynamic Cities 2019

A city’s attractiveness for long-term real estate investment is crucially linked to whether people are inspired to live, work and play there. With ongoing structural changes such as disruptive technology, ageing populations, urbanisation and environmental challenges, it is vital to identify locations that will show resilience to change.


The Savills Investment Management (Savills IM) Dynamic Cities index assesses cities' longer-term upwards growth potential through statistical analysis using 60 indicators across six categories. This year's study identifies London, Paris, Cambridge, Berlin and Amsterdam as the top five European cities for long-term real estate investment.

Dynamic Cities examines the future viability of cities by considering both quantifiable, location-based factors and a variety of qualitative indicators. The extent to which a city is future proofed hinges on its ability to attract investment. 

Whether via municipal or cultural institutions; local, regional or international transportation networks; digital infrastructure; or inspiring spaces for innovative start-ups to put down roots, each city must find a way to leverage its strengths.

Now in its third iteration, our index can be used as a framework for analysing cities and locations in the context of investment decisions. Our intention is to identify those factors that make a city attractive to talent, resilient to disruptive technology and a leader in the knowledge economy.




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