Investment philosophy

Successful real estate investment requires real-time market knowledge and a deep understanding of occupier needs.

Our 30-year track record is based on:

A Consistent Philosophy

We view net income as the bedrock of property performance and work to achieve this firmwide.

An eye for detail

Our best-practice, day-to-day operational procedures are designed to drive assets' net operating income.

Managing risk

Our strict investment and risk-management process aims to maximise performance and mitigate risks.

Rigorous investment process

Our investment process is crucial to ensuring the successful and consistent implementation of our investment philosophy worldwide. Our process seeks to:

Identify risks and opportunities at each stage of the process, from stock selection and structuring  to ongoing asset management and eventual sales

Analyse assets and portfolios against fund or client risk-return profiles and investment objectives on a continual basis for constant monitoring

Incorporate our responsible investment policy, as improving the social impact of investments can benefit both investors and society

Utilise our dedicated team of in-house researchers to add significant value at the macro and micro levels across both asset and portfolio lifespans


The buildings that we develop, manage and invest in have a material impact on the ecological and social environment. We are committed to enforcing responsible investment best practices, which we believe will deliver superior results for our clients.


Our in-house research adds significant value at the macro and micro level, identifying opportunities and risks in both the occupational and capital markets in order to identify asset- and portfolio-level performance drivers.