RESEARCH • 9 June 2020

Is the future of work at home or in the office?

We do not envisage the demise of the CBD office despite the acceleration of agile working trends due to COVID-19.

  • Since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, some commentators and mainstream media have been quick to predict the death of the office. The reality is likely to be more tempered.
  • Face-to-face office collaboration facilitates knowledge spillovers, learning and mentoring; improves creativity; and enhances productivity. The office is also a hub for social interaction.
  • In particular, central business district (CBD) locations with good transport links are here to stay. Those buildings that are efficient, accessible and offer strong amenities are likely to perform better relative to others.
  • We would strongly advocate that investors keep an eye out for pricing opportunities. We do not see the death of the CBD office. In fact, buying opportunities with some discount in entry pricing would be a good reason to invest in the sector.




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