RESEARCH • October 2023

When Cassandra meets Pollyanna: bridging views in APAC real estate

Two much-loved literary characters - Pollyanna, the irrepressible optimist, and Cassandra, the gloomy pessimist, attempt to reconcile contrasting opinions around risks and opportunities in the APAC region.


APAC’s resilience and the absence of a broad-based repricing mean risk-adjusted returns are relatively favourable. Amidst global challenges, there are opportunities for both debt and equity investors across the risk spectrum.

The Asia Pacific region has been regarded as a relatively safe haven for property investors. It has held up well compared to many western economies since the pandemic and ensuing environment of rising inflation and interest rates. Indeed, it has so far avoided the dramatic repricing seen in other regions. Looking ahead, the potential for robust risk adjusted returns look promising. 

Through the conversation between Cassandra and Polyanna, Shaowei explores the risks and opportunities for real estate investors in both debt and equity in this dynamic region as central banks attempt to steer their economies to a soft landing. 





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