RESEARCH • 14 July 2023

Real estate debt lending

Global Whole Loan market opportunity


Whole Loans, an established strategy in the US and increasingly adopted in Europe, offer attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors with appetite for slightly higher Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios relative to senior lending.

The risk management benefits of Whole Loans for lenders include the security of a senior mortgage, loan management flexibility, and defensive properties that reduce exposure to the original underlying asset value over time.

For borrowers, Whole Loans provide the opportunity to achieve higher leverage with a single-lender solution, offering affordability and positive implications for their equity costs.

The Whole Loan markets in the US, Europe, and Australia present distinct opportunities. The mature US market offers efficient deployment of capital, the evolving European market offers better pricing power for lenders, and the emerging Australian market is underserved, offering potential growth for non-bank lenders.

Future market conditions are expected to favour lenders due to two key factors: the impending need to refinance large volumes of maturing debt and the widening debt funding gap caused by declining property values and rising base rates. Whole Loans stand out as a key strategy to address these challenges and provide robust investment opportunities.

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