RESEARCH • 17 JAN 2019

Outlook 2019: Navigating the Uncertainty

Global financial market volatility picked up in 2018, pointing to an anticipation among investors that a more serious deterioration in global macro conditions is in the air. Fuelling these fears are issues such as rising interest rates, trade protectionism, fiscal imbalances and Brexit.


Against this uncertainty, reliable indicators continue to signal that developed economies have the stamina to keep growing through 2019. This suggests that the Outlook 2019 analysis should be more about assessing opportunities that would benefit from an extension of the global business cycle but are insulated against the possibility of a more pronounced downturn in the next few years.

The Savills Investment Management Outlook 2019 report features a collection of commentary from internal fund managers and research analysts, highlighting the strategies they employ to capitalise on current investment market opportunities.




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